Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How heavy must a weight be ?

The phrase “ A weight must be heavy in order for it to provide results” has multiple meanings to it and it is one that has been both helpful and misleading over the years. Given the different interpretations of this statement it’s no surprise that people struggle to determine it’s true meaning. 
I repeat my earlier statement that trying to figure out physical training is not nuclear physics or rocket science. When someone says that the weight needs to be heavy it has a simple interpretation to it. The weight needs to be heavy enough to shock the human body into shocking overnight. It’s as simple as that. You ask any strongmen this question that “How heavy must the weight be ?” they will reply with the same answer. No one got the strength game better than the old Strongmen. 

However, all this has changed in the modern times. The strongmen achieved there supernatural results using there minimalistic training programs and concepts. The concepts were easy and straightforward to understand. 

When the modern age took over, it seems all this knowledge just disappeared overnight. This is because the modern day athletes believe the propagated training information coming from the “experts” who hardly know better.  

The modern day athletes prefer physiques suited for  “show” rather than “go”. 


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