Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Don't ever feel down on yourself

The Truth Behind Mistakes 

In the 21st century there is a big race for people to prove their worth in this world. Everyday new promises are made by the people wanting to make changes instantly in their life. New year resolutions are made to eat clean and stay healthy. Then we start posting things on social media telling everyone of the change we will make in our life soon along with the progress. 

However, less than a few weeks later we quit and fall victim to our old habits. After that just like that we fall into the rabbit hole and promise to never do such things again and stay miserable for the rest of our  life.

Many people in today’s world always indulge in the art of goal setting. This means that us humans are always on our feet trying to move from goal to goal. What people fail to realize is that this will only mentally fatigue themselves in the long run. 
Instead why not take life on a day by day basis. Well it’s all about the process at the end of the day isn’t it ?

The Lost Secret 

How we approach and conduct our lives on a daily basis is everything. When we are feeling down we often question our judgement as why we behaved in a certain manner. What we fail to realize is that our minds and body are programmed to function in a certain manner. This is because of muscle memory. 

The muscle memory in our bodies make us do things that we don’t even know we are doing because the subconscious mind has been programmed to behaving in a certain manner for a really long time. This principle applies from walking a certain way to the way in which we talk. 

Change Change Change !

So next time you make a mistake and ask yourself why you committed that mistake in the first place. So next time you try to change your behavior aim to change your muscle memory rather than changing everything in an instant, which we all know is a recipe for failure. 

The best way to change this is on a day by day process. That way we build momentum on a daily basis and eventually we will behave in the manner we intend. 

If you keep questioning your actions in a positive manner with the intention to change it, you will eventually start challenging yourself on a spiritual level. This is the best way i know to challenge and ultimately abolish your limits.

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