Monday, 31 August 2015

You Truly Are Alone

In the 21st century, we live in a society which truly transpires to be survival of the fittest. Every human in today’s day and age are in search of quick shortcuts that will provide them with results without putting in the work whatsoever. 

This is evident in the fitness industry as the mega-buck corporations market the latest cutting piece of technology or marketing gimmick that would provide you ‘The Physique Of Your Dreams’. Where in reality we all know that it’s just pure bullshit and will only degrade your health on a permanent basis. 

If you want something in this world the only way you are going to get it is if you take action. It’s obvious action is the only difference between gaining success and failing, which then puts you back in the rabbit hole of de-motivation and ultimately you quit right after you start. 

In this world you truly are alone. No one and I mean no one is going to do the work for you. You will have to cross that journey by yourself and be prepared to face the consequences yourself. 
People in today’s world misjudge the difference between visual and physical action. Visual Action helps you visualize and understand what needs to happen in order to get to the end result. However, you still need to take the action. There is absolutely no substitute for Hard Work. 
It’s now been over 1100 days since i made a change with my life and began working out. A milestone replicated by a very few people mind you. Whenever, I speak to people in phenomenal shape and question them behind their motives all i get is the type of replies which won’t matter a year from now.

Most of these people in phenomenal shape follow pop culture religiously notice cover models and the latest bodybuilders who have shredded physiques with superb aesthetic quality. 
They then feel the need to do the same so that they to get bragging rights in their society. So where do they get their information from ?

The answer is the latest fitness magazines, publications, workout and nutrition books. All this has been brainwashed by the mega-buck corporations who have placed advertising gimmicks in all the latest media. These gimmicks will do nothing but reduce your bank balance at the end of the day.
So once the information has been consumed they then replicate it on their own body. What they fail to realize is that
  • There is no such workout program that works for every human in the world.
  • Every physique is different in it’s own right.
You are only doing more harm than good  by blindly following other people’s actions. 

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” 
Bruce Lee
Whenever you follow someones philosophy always remember that just because other people say something that does not  mean it has to be that way. You should only agree with someones philosophy if Your gut agrees with it. Unless your intuition agrees on the subject reject it. Once, you have agreed with something only then you should add what you have learned through experience. This universal principle can be transferred to any area of your life. Even in the area of health and fitness. 

Shine on and be the best version of yourself !

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