Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Warrior Within

                                   The Warrior Within 

      How Bruce Lee Gained His Superhuman Strength

It’s no secret that Bruce Lee is one of my heroes in life not because of his physical feats of strengths but because of the mental courage and his philosophy on how to tackle any situation in life. 

I have noticed that whenever i mention the name Bruce Lee In a conversation with anyone, they start to visualize this god-like human who could do anything and everything that a person today would not dream of doing. 

When in reality, he is just an ordinary human like you and me. He wasn’t blessed with athletic genes that made doing such feat’s of strength a simple task.  He was born with a skinny physique and was not very athletic at all. What he has displayed to the world are the results of countless hours of physical activity and a careful diet that has provided him with one of the most iconic physiques in the world.

Whenever people try to replicate what he has done in the gym by overloading there muscles with weights, it always leads to disaster mainly because a strong body does not mean that a person needs to have a bodybuilders style physique. 

What many people fail to understand is that an important factor to Bruce Lee’s strength is that he mastered his own body-weight. The term mastering your bodyweight is the fact that the athlete performs a series of Calisthenic exercises in an effort to progress to superior feats of strengths like Muscle Up’s, One arm pushups etc. In the process of performing these exercises the athlete strengthens their bodyweight in the process and have eventually mastered it where they can perform advanced feats of strengths. 

Now it’s no secret that Bruce Lee had done ample amount of weight training in order to get the defined look on his physique. However, it does not matter at all because unless the athlete is able to control there bodyweight, which enables the human body to function as one unit.

This is one of the main factors. that gave Bruce Lee his superhuman strength. Another strong factor that enabled him to perform such feats of strength is how he approached his workouts.
According to the legendary book “Art Of Expressing The Human Body” Bruce Lee’s wife Linda Lee mentioned that he approached his workouts as a skill based training session rather than the actual workout. This type of training is known as the Nervous System training and it involved him practicing the chosen exercises for a certain number of reps and a small number of sets. 

The main advantage to this training method is that it enabled him to train multiple times a day. This way his strength had grown considerably and he was able to retain the size of his physique, and it programmed his muscle memory to react the way he wanted it to.

These 2 factors could be the main elements to what made Bruce Lee so successful. However, there are other factors that enabled him to perform at such a level. They are rest, nutrition and the most important one which is his meditation.

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