Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Power Of Hanging

The Fitness Universe in the 21st century today features a shit ton of bullshit on supplements and overrated exercises that will have certain benefits to the human body for example height growth or muscle tone etc. However, the forgotten exercise that old strongmen used to perform to boost their overall body development is a hanging exercise.

An hanging exercise has been in and out of fashion for years in the fitness industry. From being performed by the legendary Mr. Abs - Irving Koszewski in the 1950’s all the way to the exercise being performed by every athlete in the modern day Calisthenics movement.

A hanging exercise can occur in different forms. For example we have Exhibit A dead hangs. Here is an exercise that has been performed for countless decades by many strongmen who would hang from the pull-up bar for long periods of time. This provided phenomenal development to the entire body. 
In the old age that’s how they got stronger. Now that’s something you don’t see in today’s day and age. Exhibit B is Hanging Leg Raises. This particular exercise could be held responsible for shaping more 6-packs then i care to admit. 
The full body development provided here is really underrated in today’s standards. When it comes to working certain muscles in the human body for example the pectoral muscles in the chest, I am convinced that there is no greater exercise then a hanging exercise.Any hanging exercise from dead hangs all the way to monkey bars can be utilized.

In today’s fitness industry there is so much talk about isolation of the pectoral muscles to provide further development. This can also be achieved with hanging exercises. This is because when you maintain any hanging position nice and tight around the shoulder area. Then the pec minor muscle is fulfilling it’s stabilizing function. Thus result’s in it getting stronger and thicker. So in addition to every other muscle getting worked, the chest gets stronger !

Any hanging exercise can also be used as a stepping stone to perform a harder exercise. For example, Dead Hangs enables the body to get stronger and ultimately it can perform more pull-ups or any other body weight exercise. This also enables an athlete to master it’s body weight faster !

Another underrated benefit that is gained from any hanging exercise is the strengthening of grip strength. Dead Hangs enables an athlete to improve their grip strength considerably. This helps the athlete also improve their forearm strength along with the wrists. This should be enough to convince you to start employing hanging exercises in your workout program.

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