Saturday, 29 August 2015

Mastering Your Bodyweight

Mastering Your Body-weight 


The fitness industry in the 21st century has tried to determine what physical attributes determine whether an athlete is strong or not. The hidden secret to unlimited strength is not determined by how much a person can squat, dead lift or bench. What really determines whether an athlete is strong or not is determined from within. The hidden secret is “Mastering Your Own Body-weight”. 


Ever wondered when you look at elite athletes doing the one arm push ups or the human flags and wondered how they do it. Have you watched the classic Bruce Lee movies and wondered where on planet earth is he able to perform such feats of strength.

When answers run dry for people there are only two options that come to mind. Fatiguing your muscles with weights or taking steroids. However, everyone's misconception about feats of strength is really sad. The real reason as to why people are able to perform such feats of strength is because they have mastered their body weight. 

The term mastering your body weight means that the athlete is able to control their body weight to perform advanced feats of strength like Human Flags etc.
This can also be used as a way to measure progress of the athlete. For example a beginner will be able to perform the push ups exercise for a certain number of reps, while an intermediate athlete will be able to take the rep count of the exercise to a higher level and the advanced athlete may be able to perform advanced variations of the exercise like the one arm push up or go to an even higher rep amount. 
This universal method of progress can be identified for other exercises as well. For example in order to perform the Dragon Fly exercise there is a high demand for muscle coordination and body weight strength in order to perform the exercise with the correct form.

So many people where to begin on there crusade to master their body weight. The answer is simple. Start with the basics. There is an entire arsenal of exercises to begin with.
  • Push ups
  • Pull
  • Squats
  • Planks
  • Bench- Dips
  • Australian Pull-ups
  • These are just to name a few. So get reppin!
It is always proficient to have a solid foundation before tackling something you have never done before. Tackling the basics first will provide you with a solid foundation to work with.  

Also it’s good to remember that just reppin does not mean you fatigue yourself with every workout. The best thing to do is follow the nervous system training method. This means you approach every workout as a skills session rather than an actual workout. This way your nervous system is conditioned to handle difficult exercises in the future. Nervous system training involves a low rep range and a modest set amount and is also a beautiful way to transform your physique one step at a time. 
When people attempt to master something in life, it is never a destination. It’s always a process because we as humans can always strive to achieve greater things when we are focused on the process rather the destination. 

Remember its a process not a destination !

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